Take Our Cat Personality Quiz to Reveal Your Cat’s Purrsonality

We appreciate that every cat is different, especially because of their little quirks! This makes the moments and the bond you share super special. You can understand your feline friend even better with our Cat Personality Quiz to find their true ‘Purrsonality’!

Our cats surprise us, humour us and playfully keep us on our toes on a daily basis – particularly when it comes to mealtimes and food choices!

Here at Purina Direct, we understand the importance of being able to tailor your Felix food choices to suit your cat’s unique flavour preferences. We take pride in being the only place where you can Pick ‘n’ Mix just your cats' favourites, allowing you to create their purrfect mix of flavours based on your cat’s unique personality!

This made us curious to know… how well do you really know your cat?

How to take our Cat Personality Quiz

Maybe your cat is super independent or a total homebody? Are they excitedly energetic or pose a more relaxed vibe? Take the Felix purrsonality quiz to find out where on the introvert/extrovert scale your cat sits!

Take The Felix Purrsonality Quiz!

SNEAK PEAK: Once you’ve completed the quiz, on the results page, you’ll have access to an EXCLUSIVE discount code to use on your next (or first) purchase of Felix Pick ‘n’ Mix!