Recycling your Pet Food Packaging

At Purina we're committed to creating 100% reusable or recyclable pet food packaging by 2025. 

We’re working collaboratively to advance UK recycling infrastructure as well as making our own packaging easier to recycle. Please help us in working towards a waste-free future though recycling our packs where possible.

In the UK, working with other manufacturers, we have set up The Flexible Plastic Fund which provides flexible plastic recycling points across the country. 

Find your nearest recycling point to recycle your cat food packaging.


Treat your cat with our Felix Naturally Delicious range

FELIX Naturally Delicious with tasty chunks and vegetables, flavoured with aromatic herbs, are perfectly steam cooked chunks in a tasty jelly, your cat will love! Naturally they look, smell and taste delicious, just like food you might have cooked yourself! 

Made with selected natural ingredients, FELIX Naturally Delicious chunks are packed with healthy goodness and no added cereals. 

That’s not all! FELIX Naturally Delicious meals are 100% complete and balanced. Available in a range of delicious recipes, to satisfy your cat’s love of variety. Felix Naturally Delicious - Naturally irresistible!


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