Dogs and fireworks

Your dog might not enjoy fireworks as much as you do - and who can blame them? Loud, sporadic noises that don't have no obvious source can be frightening and confusing. Whenever possible, get your dog acclimatised to firework noises months in advance. However, if you have not been able to do this some of these top tips might make Fireworks Night go more smoothly, both for you and your dog.

Before the fireworks

  • Make a den - enclosure can often make them feel more safe. This may be a crate with the door left open, their bed inside and a blanket over the top, or an area under the bed, behind the sofa or under the stairs. Get them used to spending time here, with a toy or treat to occupy them.
  • Consider purchasing Adaptil or Pet Remedy: these are products that have a calming effect through the release of pheromones or natural essential oils.

During the fireworks

  • Play some calming music. Classical music or piano-based relaxation tunes can be really helpful
  • Food and treats can help. Stick to your usual routine for meal times and foods, but look for some occupying treats to keep them busy and distracted.
  • Close the curtains
  • Turn the TV or music up to muffle the noise of the fireworks
  • Stay with the pet. Comforting a scared animal will not reinforce their fear. Just remember to promote calmness.
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