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Treat your feline foodie to an extra special mealtime with our GOURMET Perle Pick & Mix range, with 15 different flavours and textures to choose from, that your cat connoisseur is sure to find delicious. Each of the tasty GOURMET Perle recipes in our range feature individual sachets of wet cat food, assuring optimum freshness at all times. ​

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Mini Fillets Served in Gravy or Jelly? Take Your Pick​

Curious about the different Perle recipes we offer but not sure which to indulge?​

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Gourmet Perle Mini Fillets in Gravy

Gourmet Perle Mini Fillets Duo in Jelly

GOURMET Pick & Mix | Delight Your Cat with Only the Flavours They Love​​
Each of our GOURMET Perle cat food diets are made with high-quality ingredients and are complete and balanced, so not only will you be providing your feline with a wonderfully indulgent recipe, but you can also rest assured that you’re giving them everything they need to thrive.

Discover Our Side Dishes | Which Will You Pick?​

Serve up the purrfect side dish with your main meal. On Purina Direct you can pick from Mon Petit or Revelations. Explore more about each side dish below and why they would make the ideal accompaniment to any GOURMET meal.

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