Felix 7+ As Good As It Looks Salmon Cat Food 20x100g

Felix 7+ As Good As It Looks Salmon in Jelly has been specially designed for cats aged 7+ with the right combination of proteins and vitamins.

Made with quality ingredients, we're sure your cat will love the fishy flavour and tender pieces in a succulent jelly.

With Felix Pick 'n' Mix, you can choose to mix 'n' match this flavour with up to 23 others and build your own box!

Felix Senior As Good As It looks Salmon Cat Food
The seniors are chomping away happily

Couldn't wait to find out if this would be popular with the oldest cats. Woodruff likes it, that is a big plus. Kitty Foster likes it, and she is the oldest cat. Tom and Twinkle-toes are fine with it, and they come as pair, even though Twinkle is a lot younger than Tom. There is a connection with some cats that means that they both go for dinners and the same flavours, as well as sleeping cuddled together, so in these cases, yes, the younger cat will eat the older cat's food if they both like it.

22/12/2023 by Dinah